6 Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

One of the main components of a beautiful smile is the color of your tooth enamel. The lighter your enamel is the shinier and attractive your smile is. If you don’t have enough time or finances for going to a dentist you can whiten your teeth at home.

There are several options for whitening. We present you 6 most common methods. All of them are simple and don’t take much time. Our grandmothers knew some folk secrets which can help you to whiten your teeth at home. Let's look at the features of traditional teeth whitening.

Whitening with charcoal at home
It consists of activated carbon which is milled to a powder mass. This powder can be added to toothpaste or used independently. Put activated carbon powder on a toothbrush and gently clean the teeth with it. If you do the procedure within a month once a week will be enough.

Soda is also a bleaching agent

Sometimes soda can be used for whitening your teeth at home. It whitens teeth really good. However, bleaching with soda can also have a negative effect. Firstly brushing your teeth with soda makes tooth enamel thinner. As a result your teeth become more sensitive and less strong. Soda has the same negative effect on gums, they often begin to bleed. Our conclusion: soda is not the best way to whiten your teeth at home.

Hydrogen peroxide is a very simple method of whitening teeth at home
You can by a gel designed specifically for teeth whitening. It is based on the hydrogen peroxide. You can buy such gel or you can carry out the whitening procedures on the basis of peroxide.

The effectiveness of this method depends on the frequency of using and natural teeth color.

Options of whitening teeth with hydrogen peroxide
• Dab a cotton swab into hydrogen peroxide and gently rub teeth with it. After this brush your teeth with toothpaste and then rinse your mouth.
• First brush your teeth, and then rinse your mouth with the prepared solution. In 1/3 cup of water drip 25 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Then rinse the mouth with simple water.

Whiten teeth with tea tree oil
Over the last years whitening teeth with tea tree oil became a very popular method. Tea tree oil not only bleaches the tooth enamel, but also prevents disease-causing bacteria, as it is an excellent antiseptic. The popularity of this whitening way can be explained by the fact that unlike many methods of teeth whitening at home, tea tree oil doesn’t damage the gums and tooth enamel. So why not use this method?

You need to start with regular brushing. Drip 2 drops of 100% tea tree oil on the toothbrush and brush your teeth again. After this procedure you will feel a slight numbness. Then rinse your mouth to get rid of the smell which the oil leaves in the mouth. The solution of water and lemon juice is suitable for this procedure. But don’t think that you’ll get a quick effect. To see the real result like bleaching of tooth enamel it is necessary to use tea tree oil for tooth brushing during the month. The result of it is not only in beautiful shiny teeth, but also in getting rid of plaque and gingival bleeding.

Modern opportunity of whitening teeth at home
Mouthpiece is a modern way to whiten your teeth at home. You can order it at a dental clinic or buy a standard version in the pharmacy. A special gel which whitens your teeth is attached to a mouthpiece. One hour a day is enough to make your teeth brightened in a few tones. You need to use a mouthpiece with gel from 2 to 3 weeks.

Whichever way of whitening teeth at home you choose, remember that to keep the whiteness of your teeth you need to eat less coloring food like coffee, rich juices, strong black tea. Smoking makes especial negative effect on your teeth colour.

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