What to do if you have sensitive teeth?

Looking for the causes of disease

Tooth sensitivity or, scientifically, hyperesthesia inherent to only alive teeth that have damaged enamel or exposed sensitive areas of the tooth. Hypersensitivity causes may be:

Who is affected by hyperesthesia

The increased sensitivity of the teeth may have each of us. It’s enough to use the "wrong" toothpaste for some time or drink hot coffee and eat ice cream to get the erosion of tooth tissue. Age serves a purpose too, because after 25 years more than 40% of the population has at least one tooth with a defect opens up to the sensitive area of ??the tooth. This percentage doubles in the age categories from 30 to 50 years.

You cannot ignore the fact that many "female" diseases are among the causes of hypersensitivity, which means women have a special reason for the proper care of their teeth.

Folk methods of treatment

Traditional medicine suggests the following ways to reduce tooth sensitivity:

How to rectify the situation radically

If you are looking for right direction in solving this problem, then paste for sensitive teeth LACALUT Extra Sensitive will be the best of them.

Prophylactic toothpaste LACALUT Extra Sensitive contains an unique complex of active ingredients, specifically working to reduce tooth sensitivity.

The paste:

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