How to restore tooth enamel?

Tooth enamel is upper solid layer covering the teeth. As much it provides the necessary rigidity of teeth and takes the greatest load in the process of chewing food. It is not surprising that almost all dental diseases start with damage to the enamel. Many people wonder: «Is tooth enamel able to restore»? And if so, how to strengthen tooth enamel as efficiently as possible.

Restoration of tooth enamel possible at a stage where the process of destruction is not passed in the category of advanced and has not acquired irreversible effects. In this case the focus should be on eliminating the causes of the start of the destruction and the enrichment of the teeth with calcium.

1. Review your diet and turn it as much as possible of foods rich in calcium. Particular attention should be paid to natural cheese and dairy products. Regular eating of these products helps to ensure the enamel sections where the loss of strength was a result of calcium erosion, with a significant amount of missing element. Microcracks and cavities in the enamel are filled, and tooth stops to respond to cold and heat.

2. You should choose fluoride toothpaste for oral hygiene, which are recommended to brush teeth at least five minutes twice a day. Fluoride enhances enamel porous areas returning them the required strength. Tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste is recommended to combine with massage of gums. It’s better to choose a soft brush because hard bristles may mechanically damage the tooth enamel.

3. Visit a dentist who specializes in occlusion, and consult with him: malocclusion is a very often cause of the unbalanced distribution of the load on the teeth, as a result of this the enamel does not stand up and crack.

All the described methods don’t have significant recovery effect and directed rather to maintain the current condition of the teeth and prevent their further destruction. If the effect is needed immediately, there’s no choice except restoring the tooth enamel with a special dental fluoride varnish. Modern technologies and composite materials allow applying it to the surface of a tooth without damaging it. The affected areas are protected, and you gain time in order to try to restore the health of the enamel in natural ways!

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