How to prevent tooth decay?

Dental caries is a disease that provokes loss of hard tissue forming the tooth. Presentations of caries lie in the fact that the enamel and dentin start to ruin slowly. In the initial stages of caries damaged areas appear on teeth that due to the absence of timely treatment involve into the cavity within the tooth tissue and can lead to complete destruction of it. Tooth decay is not a cosmetic or aesthetic defect – it’s a complex disease, which needs systematic approach to eliminate it. Treatment of caries can be quite painful and require anesthesia, advanced decay often leads to the need to destroy the affected nerve in the tooth, and even the need to remove it. As in the case of any disease preventing caries is easier than treating it. And for this purpose you should understand the reasons of it.

Factors that trigger the appearance of caries.

There are a few reasons that may trigger the appearance of caries. The main reasons are:

Caries prevention

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