Child's First Visit to the Dentist

It's about a planned visit to a pediatric dentist when the child has no injuries of the tooth or soft tissue, early tooth decay and other dental diseases requiring urgent or early intervention of the pediatric dentist. Acquaintance with pediatric dentist needs 2-3 years of age, when the baby teeth have already erupted and you can explain the child everything. If at this age the child didn’t have serious dental problems, then your first visit to the doctor will probably be just his looking at the correct erupting of the kids teeth, giving advice on oral hygiene, looking at the frenulum of tongue and lips. But even such a visit is necessary to prepare.

Training should include a few simple steps: If possible, and in the cities it’s usually so, arrange with your dentist beforehand. Speak to him how this visit will take place. Most likely, it will be just a tour and meeting with the doctor. Surely your son interested in all sorts of tools which are called as daddy's home tools, and your daughter will be fond of soft toys, beautiful costumes and hats of the doctors and nurses.

Enrolling at the reception, choose a time when your child is usually in a good mood - after sleeping and eating.

Prepare the child - play the dental doctor, think some dentist games, count the teeth, look at them through the mirror.

NEVER try to frighten your child with the dentist!

A child is born without the fear of the dentist. Imagine how much easier it would be to live on, if this fear will not affect him. It is the task of modern dentistry caring parents that’s more important.

Knowing first-hand what will happen, tell the child about this in accessible language. Remember, the office has a seat that is adjustable in height. Is it not an attraction?

Don’t make a visit to the dentist for children the main event of the week. It’s better to go somewhere else after your visiting the doctor. Just think how it would be nice if visits to the dentist would be your everyday procedure, wouldn’t cause a storm of emotions and require moral training during the week. This will help your child in the future. Don’t promise any expensive gifts for it. Concern about the health should be a routine procedure. Giving the children another reason to manipulate the parents is not necessary.

Try to ensure that the child can hear from you about the teeth, dentists and about the doctors in total. Children hear more than we would have liked. Phrase that had been said in a fit of anger can affect a child's imagination stronger than all your assurances that everything will be fine. The majority of people in white coats are real professionals, our health and the health of our children is in their hands. Let us together try to turn your child’s relationships with the dentist into friendship!

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