Dentist in Onehunga (Auckland)

Looking for a dentist in Onehunga? We are glad to tell you that the network of dental clinics united under the brand «OneNZ» is now present in the suburbs of Auckland Onehunga.

Dentist Onehunga «OneNZ» is a dental clinic with a convenient location in the heart of Onehunga on Arthur Street with affordable dental treatment, highly qualified and experienced staff and the newest equipment. We offer the residents of the Onehunga suburb and the entire Auckland the full range of dental services with the most modern technologies.

A full range of dental services in Onehunga

Family Dentistry Clinic «OneNZ» is ready to offer residents and visitors of Onehunga a full range of dental care - from the cleaning of dental plaque to maxillofacial operations. The main directions are diagnosis and prevention, dentistry, services of surgical and prosthetic dentistry and orthodontics (bite correction) and implantation. We should make emphasis on pediatric dentistry - our hospital has special conditions for young patients, which will make the entire medical process comfortable and absolutely painless for children.

Our dentist in Onehunga specializes in:

Therapy - treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, granuloma, cysts and other diseases.

Surgery - removal of teeth, roots, cysts, as well as carrying out maxillofacial operations.

Orthodontics - bite correction and the correction of wrong placed teeth with the most modern techniques.

Cosmetic dentistry - teeth whitening, ultrasonic cleaning, cosmetic restoration and other services for improving the appearance of a smile and making it irresistible.

Prosthetics - installation of crowns, dental bridges, inlays, veneers and dentures.

Implantation - restoration of teeth by implanting implants in the jaw, which are substitutes for natural roots.

Pediatric dentistry - treatment of caries, removal of milk teeth, bridle adjustment, bite correction and other procedures performed by specialized pediatric dentists.

Onehunga dental centre guarantees:

- Careful and responsible approach to each client;

- Signing the contract for each type of service;

- Consultation and first inspection for free;

- Free first aid for children with teeth injury.

Enroll a free consultation at our dental clinic by a form on the website. We remind you that the check-ups at the dentist should take place at least 2 times a year, even in the absence of any complaints, because tooth decay occurs before the tooth pain appears.

Do not underestimate the power of a smile. It can literally change your life.

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