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dentist auckland 24 hour hns When you have an acute toothache, it seems that nothing can be worse! Do you have your toothache attack late night or on the weekend? Please contact our 24 hour dentist in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington.

If you can’t call our after hours dentist for some reason, we are in hurry to bring good news: you can call the emergency dentist 24/7 in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

We will give you some tips to get rid of the pain or reduce the sensation of pain until our 24 hour dentist will be able to examine you.

1. Rinse the tooth with warm soda solution (1 teaspoon per cup of water).

2. You can hold over a sick tooth a swig of vodka. Gums will absorb some alcohol, and the tooth will get numb.

3. You can suck on a piece of ice. Ice can be also applied to the diseased tooth or the adjacent cheek for 15 minutes - 0.5 hr at least 3 or 4 times per day.

4. You can take painkillers. The only thing would like to be warned of is aspirin because its analgesic effect is not strong and it is necessary to take it in large amounts that are unsafe for health. Taking painkillers should be stopped not later than 3 hours before visiting the dentist, because it may distort the picture of the disease and make diagnosis difficult.

5. It’s important not to make any warming compresses and lotions - this procedure can significantly worsen the situation and hamper further treatment.

6. Taking antibiotics without expert advice and dentist’s prescription is forbidden.

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